The Whose Line is it Anyway Obscure Reference Page

Ever wondered who Lord Lucan and Anne Diamond are? What's a hob-nob or a Twiglet?
This page will hopefully be able to answer these questions and more
by cataloguing some of the obscure references made during episodes of
Whose Line is it Anyway?

If you have any ideas, questions, corrections or answers then
please e-mail or use the form.

A.A Handbook Anne and Nick David Attenborough . .
Douglas Bader Roberto Baggio Jeremy Beadle The Beano Christopher Biggins
Bill and Ben Cilla Black Lionel Blair Blue Peter Geoffrey Boycott
Rhodes Boyson Bournemouth B & Q Gyles Brandreth Brecht
Brookside Basil Brush Bucks Fizz . .
Call My Bluff Capa Captain Scarlet Jasper Carrott Barbara Cartland
Channel Five Chipolata Chunnel Clangers Kenneth Clarke
Coronation Street Cricket averages Cricklewood Crossroads Motel  
Paul Daniels Marquis de Sade Anne Diamond . .
Ealing Comedy Eastenders Noel Edmonds Eldorado Eurovision Song Contest
Chris Evans . . . .
Sir Ranulph Fiennes Michael Fish Flowerpot Men Floyd on fish .
Paul Gascoigne GMTV . . .
Hammer Horror Helmet Hob Nobs The Holiday Programme Gordon Honeycombe
  Douglas Hurd        
In At The Deep End Ivor The Engine . . .
Clive James Jim'll Fix It Joyriding . .
Danny La Rue Sue Lawley Liverpool Poets 'Look out, Bea, Here Comes Vinegar Tits' Lord Lucan
M-25  Magnus Magnusson Bernard Manning Terry Marsh Mavis
Trevor MacDonald . . . .
Russ Meyer Morris Dancing Mr. Motivator John Motson My Little Pony
Newcastle Supporter News Of The World Noddy Barry Norman .
Orkney Isles . . . .
Packet of Crisps Page Three Nicholas Parsons Paxo penalty
The People Harold Pinter Points Of View Postman Pat Prisoner Cell Block H
Public Information Films Public School Captain Pugwash Punch and Judy .
Question Time . . . .
Esther Rantzen roger Jim Rosenthal . .
Jimmy Saville Sellafield shag Skippy Mrs.Slocombe
Sooty Sportsnight Nobby Stiles Stingray Janet Street Porter
Stockport Sunday Sport Sunday Times Literary Supplement . .
Take That Jimmy Tarbuck Treasure Hunt Trumpton Tutti Frutti
Twiglets . . . .
. . . . .
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Murray Walker Whirling Dervish Desmond Wilcox Wolverhampton .
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Yellow Pages . . . .
. . . . .
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